New Power Box Plow Gives You Flexibility and Power

New this fall, Meyer Products’ Power Box offers you the ultimate in snow removal and work flexibility with plow wings that hydraulically expand or contract in seconds.
Designed for use on skid steers, tractors and compact wheel loaders using a standard universal plate system, Power Box attaches in under a minute. Simply pull up your vehicle’s loader arms, connect the hydraulic hoses, and off you go.
Tipping the scale at a little over a ton, Power Box lets you expand your plowing path from eight to 12 feet or anything in between, without ever leaving the warmth of your cab. You can even flip over the plow for back dragging snow, or mud or manure—anything that needs to be moved.
Need to get into a tight spot or maneuver around parked cars? Shrink the plow to eight feet. Have a large open area that needs cleared in a hurry, expand the plow up to 12 feet, and reduce your plowing time. When you’re heading to a new work site, you can contract the plow to make transportation safer.
In terms of application, the Meyer Power Box is as flexible as they come. But it’s also strong enough to handle the toughest jobs.
The Power Box is built to the same stringent quality standards as all of Meyer’s plows. It has one of the strongest steel moldboards in the industry, with a main plow and wings that are a full quarter inch thick. As for the construction, the Power Box uses a sturdy slot and tab design, with laser cut ribs that are welded so the plow doesn’t twist or turn in the most punishing conditions—a Meyer exclusive.
The Power Box has polyurethane slides that assure smooth consistent operation even in the most severe weather conditions. The slides are also self-lubricating, so maintenance and downtime are reduced. The cutting edge is a one-inch strip of rubber that protects both the plow and work surfaces.
Like all Meyer Plows, the Power Box is backed by a full five-year warranty that’s the best in the industry.
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