Insert Spreaders

  • Elite Pickup Truck Insert Spreader

    Elite Pickup Truck Insert Spreader

    Meyer proudly introduces the Elite, our new line of premium insert hopper spreaders.  Available in 5' (LPV), 6’ (PV) and 8’ (PV) lengths, we’ve improved the line to make them easier-to-use, virtually maintenance-free and reliable as ever.  Available in stainless steel and carbon steel (5' and 8’ models only), all Meyer Elite spreaders meet the highest quality standards to ensure consistent performance every time you’re on the job. 

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  • Base Line 600 & 800 Insert Spreaders

    Base Line 600 & 800 Insert Spreaders

    With five models available, the new Meyer Base Line spreaders were designed for professionals who want an all-season, full-featured insert spreader at an economical price.  Made of stainless steel or carbon steel (8' Briggs & Stratton model only), Base Line insert spreaders are built to hold up for years of service.  Choose from 1.5 or 2.0 cubic yard capacities and your choice of engine.

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  • Elite Cab & Chassis Insert Spreader

    Elite Cab & Chassis Insert Spreader

    Available in 8’ and 10’ lengths, Elite spreaders are built to be stronger and more stable with less moving parts needing maintenance.  This premium stainless steel insert spreader allows professionals driving 2-ton and larger pickup trucks more time on the job keeping large lots and streets clear of snow and ice and less time maintaining equipment.

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  • Elite Utility Vehicle Insert Spreader

    Elite Utility Vehicle Insert Spreader

    Available in 3’ and 4’ lengths, the Elite UTV insert spreader is Meyer’s premium UTV spreader. Made from durable stainless steel, it features a low profile to fit perfectly into the bed of most utility vehicles for all-season use.  It’s designed to reduce maintenance and increase productivity.

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  • Crossfire Insert Spreader

    Crossfire Insert Spreader

    Tough jobs like yours deserves the best in the industry. The Crossfire insert salt spreader comes with a five-year warranty, the best in the industry. Made for 3/4-ton+ pickup trucks, the Crossfire comes in 6- and 8-foot lengths and deluxe models are designed with an integrated pre-wetting system. There are no other insert hoppers for pick-up trucks with an integrated pre-wetting system.

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  • Polyhawk Insert Spreader

    Polyhawk Insert Spreader

    There are reliable spreaders, and then there’s the Polyhawk. Featuring an unprecedented 10-year warranty and a virtually indestructible polyethylene insert hopper, Meyer created the Polyhawk to serve you for this winter and many winters to come. Designed for professional use, this spreader fits 3/4- to one-ton pickup trucks and its drag-chain material movement system is best used with aggregate or material that is less than free flowing. 

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