Technology is Revolutionizing the Snow Removal Industry

With the advent of self-driving cars in the near future, it only makes sense that newer technologies have impacted snow and ice removal. Hands-Free Plowing is revolutionizing the industry.
Hands-Free Plowing
Hands-Free Plowing uses your vehicle shift to control the up and down movement of the moldboard. Simply press a button on the controller and Hands-Free Plowing is activated, allowing you to toggle through the Back Dragging mode (which is the default mode when active) and Forward Plowing Mode.
  • Back-Drag Mode: The moldboard will automatically lower when you put the vehicle in reverse. When you put the vehicle in drive, the moldboard automatically lifts.
  • Forward Plowing Mode:  When Hands Free Plowing is already on, simply press the HFP button once. The moldboard will automatically lower when you put the truck in drive. When you reach the end of the run, the moldboard will automatically raise when you put your vehicle in reverse. To turn Hands-Free Plowing off, press the HFP button until the light goes off.

Stay Ahead with Meyer
Hands-Free Plowing is just one example of a new technological feature from Meyer Products, a company that has pioneered innovation in the snow removal industry for more than 90 years. 
Additional products that can make your job easier include diagnostic and wireless controllers.
Meyer Products, LLC totally redesigned its entire lineup of plows and accessories to be sturdier and more efficient. It also reengineered its manufacturing at its Cleveland, OH headquarters to improve the quality value of everything it offers from professional series plows to insert hoppers and tailgate spreaders to reliable anti-icers and walk behind spreaders.

A History Full of Innovation
A quick look back at the company shows decades of innovation. In the 1920s and 30s, Meyer introduced steel moldboard and the first hydraulic link. In the 1960s, Meyer introduced ‘power angling, which allowed operators to angle the plow blade left or right, without leaving the comfort of the cab. It’s a feature that is as popular now as power steering is on cars.

In the 1970s, Meyer introduced snow plow headlights for safer plowing and introduced a “Mini-Spreader” to combat ice. In the 1980s, Meyer rolled out the Slik-Stik, a single electric switch to give operators the ability to quickly move the height and angle of the plow.

Later industry leading innovations included the use of high molecular polymers (now an industry standard) and “Electro Touch Control” which allowed for total moldboard control. In September of last year, Meyer Products and Swenson Spreader joined with industry leader ASH Group, so there should be even more innovations coming in the very near future.

If you would like to know more about new technology and snow removal innovations from Meyer Products, visit today! 
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