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Here’s a quick way to see how we stack up against the competition. We think you’ll agree that Meyer snow and ice control equipment has the features and quality it takes to make your job easier and get the job done faster. And when you add in America’s best warranty protection, it’s easy to see why more snow removal professionals choose Meyer.

  • Full-Trip Commercial

    Full-Trip Commercial

    See how the Meyer Lot Pro stacks up to the competition.

  • V-Plow


    The competition doesn’t stand a chance against the Meyer Super-V3.

  • Bottom-Trip Commercial

    Bottom-Trip Commercial

    Give your business a real edge with a bottom-trip Meyer Diamond Edge plow.

  • Full-Trip Residential

    Full-Trip Residential

    How does the Meyer Drive Pro compare to other plows? Find out.

  • Tailgate Spreaders

    Tailgate Spreaders

    Can the Meyer Blaster stand up to other spreaders? See for yourself.



  • I have a 1978 Scout with a 70s Meyer plow, and it's still working hard after all these years. Moe Bennett Columbia, MD
  • I have bought 3 Meyer snow plows in the past few years. Meyer has without any doubt the best warranty and help support in the business. My next plow will again by Meyer. Brian Sanders Grain Valley, MO
  • Outstanding plows. If you need a great plow then this is the one you need for big or little jobs you Christopher Adams Shelbyville, IN
  • I have five Meyer plows. They were the best thing that I could have done for the School District... George Shepard Nampa, ID
  • I recently purchased a used Chevy truck from a local car dealership, and it came with a fairly new Meyer snow plow. My family has been plowing with Fisher snow plows for years, and I wasn't sure how the Meyer plow was going to operate or hold up. The first snow storm we got was heavy, wet, 7-inches of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The hook up of the snowplow to the truck went so fast and smoothly, and the plow performed excellent and flawlessly. The controls are so easy to use. The plow is truly an excellent and well-thought-out piece of equipment. I will recommend Meyer to everyone I know. This is such a great unit, and I am very pleased with how it performed and held up. Daniel Beahan Staatsburg, NY
  • I bought my Meyer 7.5 Foot Plow in 2009 and have been very happy with it. My favorite feature of the plow is that I can put it on or take it off in under 20 seconds. I also like the taller profile of the blade and how well the snow rolls off of it. The taller molboard also allows me to move more snow in less time. This plow has proved to be every bit as durable as the previous 70's model Meyer that I had before that I used for 20+ years. Darren Black Del Norte, CO
  • I live rural, with a 300ft gravel drive that has an end "T" for parking and turn-around. Previousy I would clear this using a walk behind snow-blower, which takes more than a little effort and 90 minutes. With the Meyer plow the effort was limited to attaching the plow, and the time was under 30 minutes. With the cost being 40% less than a heavy duty plow I consider this to be one of my better purchases. Dave Vohringer Union, ME
  • I just purchased my first Meyer snow plow, and I want to express how satisfied I am with the purchase. The plow and the hand controls are very nice. Secondly, the installing dealer, Riechers Truck Bodies, did a wonderful job with the install and instructions. Their attention to detail was top-notch. David Didion St. Peters, MO
  • I have been plowing snow for 30 years. This is my first Meyer plow and it works great. The hands free mode is amazing, it really cuts down on driver fatigue, and the fact that it works in reverse for back dragging is really a bonus. My dealer support has been very helpful. They always get the right parts on time. My next plow will definitely be another Meyer! Dennis Hummer Wausau, WI
  • Like the ease of hookup; pull two pins, lift and lock. The one plug system makes it nice and having a single plug makes the front of a vehicle look stock other than the mount and plug. Also reliability is there with a great warranty, and the plows are built to last. Ethan Cetina McDonald, OH
  • I bought my Diamond Edge plow in 2011 for my 2005 Dodge Ram. Only used it 3 or 4 times last winter, but it worked well. It's much lighter than my last plow, and I love the warranty. Had a paint issue, but I was extremely happy with Meyer's quick response and solution. The hands-free automatic raise/lower of the plow is a great feature! Can't wait for snow! Jeffrey McNamara Wrenthem, MA
  • I purchased my first Meyer plow in 2011 and every interaction I've had with your company since then has been positive. Looking forward to continued growth in our winter services with Meyer's assistance! Kelly Ramos, The Grounds Guy's Asheville, NC
  • Can't wait until the first snow to try out our new Super-V! Great addition to the other six 10' muni plows we run in southside Va. Let it snow! Mark Novsak Henrico, NC
  • Like the adaptability and the durability of the product. It has met my expectations and I am happy with the performance. I expect it to last 20 years before it needs replacement. It manages to keep our little community of 1,100 out of the snow. Richard Trojan Craig, AK
  • This is my fourth Meyer blade. Love the quick on and off and the reliability of these plows. New V blade works amazing and saves time on plowing. Thanks again for a great product. Scott Dore, Windflower Landscaping Guelph, Ontario
  • Excellent product, this plow never gives me problems. I lead the pack with this unit. I have always used Meyer plows and spreaders and will continue to do so. Thank you for always exceeding my expectations!! Thomas Wild Lake Grove, NY
  • Purchased a new 8- 1/2′ Lot Pro last season after I retired my C-8 so I could just plow our driveway. The Lot Pro stood up great last season. Just finished installing a new cutting edge and aiming the lights. We are good to go. Let it snow. Thanks Meyer for another great, well-made and reliable product. Well done. Todd Gates Ontario, CA
  • We've been using Meyer Plows since 1987 and have had very good success with them. We run six Meyer plows and HAVE COUNTED ON THEM FOR 25 YEARS. They are always very dependable and offer us a great opportunity to be profitable with our plowing. Less downtime equals more PROFIT! Wayne Volz Louisville, KY
  • This is my sixth Meyer in 40 years of plowing. Excellent product that has "plowed with the storm." My first Meyer was purchased in 1972 and installed on a Chevy ½- ton pick-up. Back then, ½- ton trucks had a lot of structural strength, suspension & engine torque. Now we have ¾ HDs & one-tons. I have spent countless hours behind those yellow blades....nights & early mornings in the cold & dark - blowing snow.... as other plowers experience the same brutal conditions. Although I have also owned several other brands, I continued with Meyer through the years. My current model, the CP-8 commercial model, is installed on my Silverado one-ton. A great match-up (recommended by our local dealer) as was evidenced during the winter of 2013-14, when mid-Michigan received a record setting 64 inches of snow. This is the third season with the iconic CP and not one issue. I'm already budgeting for a new truck, and it will be equipped with the Meyer V plow.....The new Meyer line-up, manufacturing methods & corporate management has not gone un-noticed by the plowing community. Roll on Meyer! Frederick Shannon Mt. Morris, MI