Meyer Pro Mount Attachment System

Next Generation Attachment System

Meyer's all-new, innovative hydraulic snowplow mounting system provides snow fighters the most efficient plow attachment solution. Engineered with simplicity in mind, the Pro Mount connects and disconnects effortlessly, saving time and increasing productivity.

The Pro Mount Attachment System enables operators to mount and dismount the plow from one side of the plow with spring-tension release pins and a hydraulic switch.

Quickly and effortlessly attaches in 3 easy steps

Connect the electrical components
1 Connect the electrical components
Connect the electrical components
2 Turn the handles to lock the pins
Connect the electrical components
3 Flip the switch

Download the Pro Mount Attachment System Fact Sheet to learn more about all of its features and benefits.

Watch How Quickly a Plow is Mounted with the Pro Mount Attachment System

Features & Benefits

  • Hydraulic switch replaces the classic manual design for easy mount/dismount
  • Spring tension release pins quickly latch with the turn of the handle
  • Mount / dismount from one side of the plow
  • Minimalistic design eliminates lifting chains, reducing replacement parts
  • Industry-standard power components with automotive-style connectors
  • Solid cylinder stays rigid during use minimizing "bouncing" that can lead to plow and truck damage
  • Cylinder applies appropriate downward-pressure for superior plowing and back-dragging
  • Pistol grip, handheld controller for ease of use from the driver's seat
  • Operates using the high-quality truck mount and clevis for which Meyer is known
Connect the electrical components

Currently available for Meyer Lot Pro plows.